Hello… Lorain, Huron and Erie Counties! This is Kirsten Hill and I want to be your next state senator for Ohio District 13! I am a member of the state board of education, a CPA, business owner, married 33 years, and a no-nonsense fighter. Together we can do this! Below I have listed my position on some of the most important issues facing Ohio. Learn more about Kirsten.

Remember to VOTE Kirsten Hill Tuesday, August 2, 2022. This is the primary election day for the Ohio Senate. Click here for voting information you need.

Important Issues that affect YOU

Education – Ohio needs to focus the K-12 system on the basic core of a good education; reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, science and history. The psychologizing, medicalizing and politicizing of education through Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) are distractions from the basics and should not be included in school programs nor funded with state or federal money. As a current member of the state board of education in Ohio, I have gotten a glimpse of what is pushed into Ohio schools.

Medical Freedom – The foundation of our country is built on individual responsibility. Each Ohioan should have the right and responsibility to chose what care they need for themselves and their family to maintain their physical and mental health. The government and the private sector should not mandate participation in medical treatments which the individual [or their guardian, in the case of a child] do not agree to.

Cost of Energy – Consumers are feeling the bite of inflation right now from food to fuel to housing. Solar panels and wind turbines will not satisfy Ohioans energy needs. It is critical that the Ohio Senate provide regulatory relief and support worker training for nuclear and clean fossil fuel energy production.

Bills which I would definitely co-sponsor

Better Schools – Special interest groups have been pushing their political agendas on school district administration, boards, teachers and teacher colleges for many years in Ohio thus baking SEL, CSE and CRT into the what is taught in classrooms. I (Kirsten Hill) would co-sponsor a bill calling for these agendas to be removed from current and future learning standards and classroom materials. I would co-sponsor a bill which prohibits males competing in female sports and from using female bathrooms and locker rooms.

Medical Freedom – I would co-sponsor a bill to prohibit mandatory vaccinations and vaccination status disclosures. I would co-sponsor a bill which prohibits mandatory masking of children in school.

Elections – There were millions of dollars from a private foundation (funded by Zuckerberg) given to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and Ohio County Boards of Elections during the 2020 election cycle. I would co-sponsor a bill which prohibits private money being accepted and used by Ohio election officials. I would co-sponsor a bill which requires photo identification to vote in Ohio.

Lower Taxes – Ohio ranks 24th in “state-local” tax burden in 2022 according to the Tax Foundation. Ohio ranks 39th [1 being the lowest] in property taxes per WalletHub. I would co-sponsor a bill which reduces the tax burden on Ohioans.

Bills that passed which I would have supported

Limit Emergency Orders – The Ohio governor’s and health director’s regulatory overreach during 2020 and 2021 is unprecedented. Schools were closed. Businesses were closed. Healthy individuals were required to quarantine and many more egregious measures were mandated of Ohio citizens and small business owners. Senate Bill 22 was eventually approved by the legislature to limit the use of emergency orders by the governor and his agencies. It provides for the legislature to override health orders and rules mandated by the governor.

Right to Life – I (Kirsten Hill) would support the heartbeat bill, known as Ohio Senate Bill 23, which became effective in July, 2019. The bill which is now law prohibits an abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

(Post last updated July 5, 2022)

U.S. Constitution


I support the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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