Racism and inequities against blacks, indigenous and people of color addressed in late night resolution passed by the Ohio State Board of Education

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Ohio – A resolution declaring Ohio and its education system as systemically racist against blacks, indigenous people and people of color and in need of internal examination, correction for achievement gaps, disparate discipline, white privilege, white supremacy, cultural insensitivity, hate speech and implicit bias was approved by the Ohio State Board of Education in a 12 to 5 vote at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.  

Kohler Racism Resolution Vote TallyYes – Dackin, Dodd, Haycock, Johnson, Kohler, LaMoncha, Manchester, Miranda, Owens, Poklar, Toal, Wilkinson; No – Fowler Arthur, Hagan, Hill, McGuire, Woods; Abstain – Kilgore

The state’s academic standards, curriculum, resources and tests are to be reviewed to eliminate cultural insensitivity, racial bias, white privilege and white supremacy.  The state education department is instructed to provide support to local school districts to do the same.  State employees and contractors to schools are required to attend implicit bias training.  Training for  board members, state and local, is to take place to address the ills.   

Ohio State Board of Education has 19 members; 11 elected and 8 governor-appointed.  See here:  http://education.ohio.gov/State-Board/State-Board-Members  

Resolution as proposed is below. The approved version has a few changes and will be accessible here when it is available.

Updated July 23, 2020 Approved version of Item 20 is available now here. Title given to the resolution by Kohler is Equity Resolution.

8 thoughts on “Racism and inequities against blacks, indigenous and people of color addressed in late night resolution passed by the Ohio State Board of Education”

  1. I am appalled that this got through! This will become a set of rigid policies and speech codes that will actually be discriminatory. Thanks for letting us know the truth.

  2. Wow! How sad and anti-american. The Ohio Board of education is obviously full of socialists and those that do not understand the foundational purposes of education.

  3. Disgusting! No one is racist, white supremacy is the rich liberals only ? This will create hate, revenge and violence towards young white kids for no reason. Parents must fight this. They did this to the Jews. The devalued then as a people.

  4. This shows how ignorant and racist the board of education is. Get these people out! This will do nothing but destroy whatever racial relations there are left! You are intentionally dividing us for an agenda. Ohio has become a disgusting state and its due from the neglect of the peoples duties. Wake up OHIO!

  5. Wow! I too am appalled. Why don’t we adopt a resolution to begin teaching our children real values that can take them further in their lives than the fake education they are now receiving. Children should not be kept from the history of this great country, but told the facts and taught to ask questions that lead to discussions that allow them to form opinions and discern the truth. I absolutely do not buy the lie that what children are currently taught in the schools is why we have the disparity in our culture, but it is more what they are being fed by the education systems and the world and the lack of a family unit.

  6. totally disgusting. there is no racism. all men are created equal but the democraps have done this by not allowing school choice. shame on this whole bunch. hope the parents step up for what parents are left

  7. The Board are a bunch of cowards. They use race to scare us into leaving common sense behind and giving them what they want. We know Their lies. They don’t care about our children. This is a tactic to dummy down America! Teachers are feeding propaganda into young minds and we pay them for this evil. Hitler went after the youth, the same agenda came with the election of Barack Obama. Everybody knows it, but the cowards are afraid of being labeled. They feast on cowards. Wake up and protect your family. Remember the slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste“ and yes it is. It’s being wasted in classrooms everyday by evil that lurks within the Board.

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