Non-masked Ohio Township official dismissed from official hearing

Amherst Township, Ohio

Entrance doors to Amherst Township Hall (Ohio). State government mask directive signs posted on the doors. August 14, 2020

Not wearing a mask, Kirsten Hill entered the Amherst Township Hall just before a hearing was to take place on August 19, 2020, to consider an application for a variance to the township property resolution. A few minutes later Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Chairman, Bill Latrany, recused board Vice Chairman, Kirsten Hill, from participating in the hearing because she was not wearing a mask.

Hill said she was healthy and that the mask-wearing requirement was unconstitutional. She also stated to Lorain County Assistant Prosecutor Mangan, Chairman Latrany and those assembled for the hearing they “could assume I have a medical condition”. With advising from Mangan, Latrany asked Hill to recuse herself from participation in the hearing. Hill refused to recuse herself. Latrany then recused Hill.

At that moment, Daniel Samms, a bystander in the audience stood up and called out in disbelief over what he witnessed, a citizen being dismissed from her appointed duties for not wearing a mask over her face in the township hall.

With township trustees, BZA Board members, variance applicant and neighboring property owners watching in silence, Hill took her papers and township zoning resolution binder and peacefully exited the building.

Was justice served?

10 thoughts on “Non-masked Ohio Township official dismissed from official hearing”

  1. Are Chairman Latrany and assistant county prosecutor Mangan not aware that the ADA provides that organizations and businesses can be fined up to $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for any subsequent violation of HIPPA?

    I hope they are prepared to deal with the repercussions of their unconstitutional actions.

    Kirsten, sorry you had to deal with these uninformed public officials.

  2. What in the sam hell is wrong with you city government officials? Is DeWine threatening you????Are you that afraid of a virus with 98. 99% recovery rate???? His mandates are unconstitutional and not laws. Really….what is the problem?? Some answers

    1. Gebbie- you are sheeple. Masks don’t work. If you want protection wear a level A HAZMAT suit. What? Who am I? Former Director of HAZMAT Team for nearby county. I have dealt with far worse than the China virus. Wear gloves, sanitizer them and wash your face frequently.

      1. Jim MacNeal, Thank You for your outstanding response! Never in the history of pandemics have healthy individuals been forced to quarantine, until now. If these muzzled sheep are so TERRIFIED, then THEY need to stay masked and in their homes. This whole debacle is proof of how easy society is manipulated.

  3. The Ninth Amendment to the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America and a similar provision of the Ohio Constitution have been violated by this Order of the State. Your God given right to breathe fresh air in and out of your lungs has never been provide to government for regulation or condition. Your right of Liberty and Freedom includes your rights to breathe freely without government interference. Thank you Kirsten Hill for your courageous stand against government tyranny. Shame on all the rest of us for surrendering our right to breathe freely.

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