Critical Race Theory is in Ohio.

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Port Clinton – Kirsten Hill, elected member of the state board of education in district 2, provided a briefing on Critical Race Theory to the Ottawa County Republicans this evening during their annual Fish Fry event. She urged attendees to learn more and to share the information with a friend.

Click here to view Hill’s slides. Click here to view her informative handout on Critical Race Theory. There are links to videos as well as how parents and community members can push back against it.

Sarah Fowler Arthur, State Representative in Ohio’s 99th district in Northeast Ohio, provided information about legislation that has been introduced in Columbus to stop the incorporation of critical race theory into Ohio school curriculums. She mentioned three bills, H.B. 322, H.B. 327 and H.B. 616. Fowler is the co-sponsor of H.B. 327 and spent the majority of her time outlining the main components of that bill.

Books which Rep. Fowler Arthur recommended are Dr. Carol Swain’s Black Eye for America and Fault Lines by Dr. Voodie Baucham, Jr. She said they are well-researched and comprehensive on the topic of Critical Race Theory.

Rev. C.L. Bryant speaks at Ottawa Republicans Fish Fry.

To round out the evening program was Rev. C.L. Bryant of Florida. As a Senior Fellow with FreedomWorks, C.L. is a much sought-after speaker who travels the nation motivating people to wake up and recognize the attacks that are happening from within the U.S.A. He sited founding father Patrick Henry and implored all to stand up to the corrosion happening across all the institutions in America.

You can listen to Rev. Bryant’s inspirational presentation here.

The audience included many elected officials from local townships, to local cities, the county and state. Ottawa County Republican Women’s Club president introduced each one and mentioned that most who win their races in the county is due to effort’s of the women’s club. Most credit for arranging the informative program and delicious perch dinner goes to Jill Stinebaugh, chairman of the Ottawa County Republican Central and Executive Committees.

The evening’s printed program depicted the statue of liberty with a backdrop of the flag and a monument stating, “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”.

Hill, Rev. Bryant, Rep. Fowler Arthur